Restoration Should You Replace Your Amalgam Fillings?

Metal was once the most commonly used dental material used to fill cavities and repair damage. Howe...

Feb 26 • 2 min read
Educational Campaign Sleep Apnea and Your Heart

Let's be real: a lot of us could do with more sleep. While it's true that as you become an adult, yo...

Feb 21 • 2 min read
Oral Surgery How Oral Surgery is Used to Benefit Your Long-Term Oral Health

Ideal oral health involves making sure that teeth are not only healthy but that the surrounding str...

Feb 19 • 4 min read
Sleep Apnea The Health Risks of Snoring

To many people, snoring is an annoying habit that causes loud noises at night and reduced comfort du...

Feb 12 • 3 min read
General Understanding the Causes of Sleep Apnea

For some, snoring is merely an inconvenient late-night distraction. What many don’t realize, howeve...

Feb 12 • 2 min read
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