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National Sleep Apnea Awareness Day

Mar 19 • 2 minute read

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   Everyone at cares about our community.  That means you and anyone suffering from this chronic disease.  We understand that Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic may exacerbate stress and that is why is committed to continuing to provide resources, content and outreach to help navigate this stressful time.

   Sleep is the third pillar of health.  Along with nutrition and exercise, sleep effects an individual’s overall health and well-being. If sleep apnea is present, this may amplify any other co-existing medical condition a person may have.

   In addition to stamina and human performance, sleep (or lack thereof) impacts mood and emotion. Currently, inadequate sleep may likely be troubling human beings worldwide as they navigate the unknowns of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

   Some people have reported a sense of disbelief that the virus will last very long, while others take the uncharted territory experiencing brain fog and perhaps fragile immune systems. One thing many individuals from both groups appear to have in common is that they are losing sleep over COVID-19.

   As we move forward and recognize March 20 as Sleep Apnea Awareness Day, we are likely to be reminded that those of us with treated sleep apnea (and our loved ones or caregivers) can do their part to continue to raise awareness. If we encourage our untreated peers to become successfully treated, we can all benefit from good sleep health no matter what difficulties or challenges life may hold for us.

   Did you ever wonder what caused your sleep apnea? Do you think other members of your family also have sleep apnea? Are your children or grandchildren at risk for this condition? These are commonly asked questions that are very important in understanding the family connection this medical condition may have.  Sleep apnea can, and does, run in families.  It’s no coincidence that your parent or sibling has sleep apnea, and that your children can develop sleep and breathing disturbances at an early age.

   Raising awareness of sleep apnea within your family and circle of friends can have a life-altering effect for them. We all know how it feels to have a good night of sleep, but an individual undiagnosed for sleep apnea sometimes does not know good sleep versus disrupted or fragmented sleep. You know what you know, until you can experience treatment for a better night’s sleep!

   In step with Sleep Apnea Awareness Day , will be releasing new videos and events to help you deliver the message to those you care about and help get them on a path to diagnoses, treatment and a better night’s sleep. 


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